Dont Choose Brint

All the facts you need to make a better choice

In Closing

Note: After choosing our builder, almost all of our communication was with Brian Byrom of Brint Construction LLC, who may now also be Brian Byrom of Brint Land Development LLC. So, while most of our examples will use his name, be aware that any builder could use similar tactics. Do your homework! Learn everything you can about how the builder has treated prior customers BEFORE you choose. Don’t just ask them for a list of references, they will only give you the satisfied ones. Big help, right?

In Closing, our builder might tell you that none of our claims were proven in court, and that would be a true statement. All of the emails, photos, and mold inspection reports in this website are true and accurate, and were provided to Brint Construction and their attorney during the discovery phase of our lawsuit.  They really did tell us they would file bankruptcy, and so we decided that our dwindling funds would be better used to simply help others avoid some of the traps and pitfalls of choosing the wrong builder.


We hope that this information will be helpful to you as you move forward with choosing your Galveston Home Builder.


Don’t be afraid. Do be aware!

Good Luck!

Very Sincerely, Ken McOsker,